St Brendan the Navigator: the Ultimate Celtic Saint

Saint BRENDAN’s Feast Day is almost here – time to prepare! ❤️

St Brendan knew that there is no greater love and no greater gift that he (or anyone of us) can give to the world except to become the Saints whom God wants us to become. When Christ created Saint Brendan and every one of us, He created – at least potentially – these wonderful beings, able to pour into this fallen world a drop of God’s holiness and to act as springs of His Love and forgiveness.

That holiness and that Love can change the world, because we are all One in Christ, we are One Being in Christ. Our failings and our success in our spiritual life affect the entire world.

There is SO MUCH LOVE in Saint Brendan, and no other story depicts that so well as the story about Saint Brendan meeting and fighting in prayer for Judas himself – Judas, the disciple who betrayed Christ.

The rest of that amazing story and a few words on St Ita are in our new video!

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