St Ita – raising up Saints

St Ita is known as the Foster Mother of God’s Saints, because so many of the children she raised became holy. I am very grateful for this particular commission, because it very much deepened my relationship with St Ita and … Read More

St Fillan and the healing power of love

Our first commission of St Fillan was linked to the story of the repentant wolf that willingly bows down in obedience to the saint’s gentleness. It was a commission for which I am particularly grateful, because I had never prayed … Read More

St Cuthbert – full size

I’m travelling these days, so this will be brief. I just cannot let St Cuthbert’s feast day pass without a mention. There is something about St Cuthbert that connects him in my heart with St Seraphim. There is something common … Read More

St Patrick and the Jesus Prayer

Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ to my right, Christ to my left. CHRIST WITHIN ME. This icon is precisely about that last line: the fulfilment of it all, the calling of all creation, the true self of each … Read More

St Fillan and the repentant wolf

If you have not heard of St Fillan, please search his life and read it. There is nothing shameful in not knowing anything, in not having even heard of him or any of these wonderful Saints. We see today the … Read More

St Columba working on a manuscript

This commission was a major challenge from start to finish. It is very difficult to create a new composition of such a well known and beloved Saint. We prayed for an icon that would bring to light a new, hidden … Read More

St Morwenna and her Treasure

When we receive a new commission, particularly when that relates to one of the lesser known Celtic Saints, with no previous icons readily available to compare (such as St Morwenna), where does one begin? We’ve approached this question from so … Read More

St Morwenna carrying stones

Our first commission in this series of new, original compositions was for an icon of St Morwenna. Strangely enough, our second commission was also for an icon of St Morwenna. There is something special about this little known Saint that … Read More

Icons of the Celtic Saints

About two months ago, I posted three icons of Sts Columba, Brendan and Patrick on our online bookstore, and within 24 hours we had not only sold them, but also had eight new orders. The idea is to develop a … Read More