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St Ita’s thirst for holiness

St Ita’s name means ‘thirst for holiness’. I think of that often – how we start our lives in Christ with such thirst, such hunger, such openness to God’s grace, only to slowly become tired and open ourselves once again … Read More

St Kenneth

Today – October 11th – we celebrate St Kenneth’s Feast Day – his isle, where he lived as a hermit for some time, is just off the coast of Mull. His cave, which can still be visited today, is one … Read More

St Ita – A Mother’s Cry

Decades ago, when my spiritual father was a little boy in Communist Romania, he came very close to death. A violent disease almost killed him. An orphan by father, with a mother exhausted by worry and work, the four-year-old child … Read More

St Drostan – Spiritual Fatherhood

Bishops, priests and monastics – male and female – can suffer (God willing, maybe not all of us do) from a type of loneliness that comes from the responsibility of always comforting (without being comforted), always forgiving (without ever being … Read More